Green Mountain Fungi

At Green Mountain Fungi, we create medicinal mushroom extractions and products with full spectrum bioavailability using traditional methods!

The Rutland Outdoor Farmers Market is Back

We’ll be there on Saturdays from 9-2 with cold refreshing beverages, mushroom products and Chef Ian Vair’s famous morel encrusted Mac n’ Cheese. Want to make sure we’ll have what you want? Just click on the button below to pre-order and reserve your favorite products now.

Foraging Workshops

Chef Ian Vair will be guiding foraging experiences in the woods this summer from June-October. Intro to Foraging Workshops will be held on the 4th Sunday of each month and are free and open to the public. Donations are appreciated. Advanced Foraging Workshops will be held on the first 3 Sundays of the month. A $25 per person fee is required at registration. All workshops must be pre-registered which can be done on this website. Private Foraging Experiences will be offered according to demand. Please contact Chef Ian for details.

Ian Vair

Ian Vair is a wild mushroom forager and French trained chef from Vermont. Green Mountain Fungi is an extension of Ian’s knowledge, passion and experience in the fields of mycology and culinary arts!
G.M.F. sources the purest fungal ingredients, creating bioavailable extractions. G.M.F. uses extractions to enhance many of its products. From comfort foods and healthy beverages using wild medicinal and edible species to full spectrum tinctures! Our fungal organisms are sustainably sourced both from the wild and local cultivation.

My Specializations

Wild Mushroom Foraging

19 years of studying field guides and manuals along with seasonal excursions and workshops.
Ians greatest passion and pastime is spent with Mother Nature, collecting, studying and utilizing prized wild fungal organisms.


Culinary French educated.
Ian has spent half of his life managing kitchens and creating recipes.  Incorporating healthy ingredients and wild mushrooms into his cuisine is an absolute must!


Either leading groups large or small, public or private.  Ian has taught formal cooking classes and foraging workshops for years.