Chaga Tincture (Alcohol Free)


Apple Cider Vinegar based Chaga tincture! Some of us can’t use alcohol. We do however still have access to a wonderful full spectrum Chaga product. For those of us who can’t tolerate ethanol, here is the answer to your need for a wonderful holistic formula!

Chaga is the world’s most nutrient dense fungus and most concentrated food source of antioxidants. Chaga is loaded with anti-inflammatory and immune balancing properties.
Not only is Chaga antiseptic but it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure while supporting digestion and skin health.
Our Chaga is wild harvested in Vermont. We utilize only traditional holistic methods to extract the vital nutrients locked into the chitin cell walls. One year of soaking in solvents combined with a super concentrated water extract ensures a complete release of nutrients. Sublingual doses are the key to absorbing our full spectrum tinctures.
Customers regularly use our Chaga tinctures as a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant which absolutely supports digestion and skin health.
Cultures around the world have used this powerful fungal organism for improved health and longevity. Let Green Mountain Fungi create full bioavailability and bring you the healing nutrients in this glorious gift from God.
The Chaga Fungus!

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